Beautiful shortcuts : GHD hair straighteners doing curls Secret Tips

Curly hair is now very popular , compared to previous years in power , straight hair , curly hair styling is more varied , curly hair is divided into many , we are more familiar with a spiral perm, straight perm, silver hot, hot plasma , braids hot, hot fiber and so on, we have to face to choose according to their respective hairstyles , such as a wide face , you can select the part of the hair of the hair volume to a little hot out , head curtain blocking the forehead , so the face becomes relatively small.

For this reason, many people will buy hair sticks , hair curlers , in fact , as long as you master certain methods and techniques , the same plates with straight hair to make curls make you satisfied . In fact , doing curls with a straight clip is not a difficult thing, as long as the master certain skills will be able to do , how to do it ? Follow the footsteps of small series with a look.

1、shampoo , hair shampoo before styling is more important, because if you do not wash your hair straight shape , then layer the hair sebum secretion of oil will affect the appearance of the shape , so be sure to wash your hair before styling hair.

2、 8 points blown dry hair , blowing hair also requires a certain technology to dry hair blown eight points , if done blow drying is not only bad form, but also damage the hair, and the hair is too wet, when the shape is not easy stereotypes, to grasp the extent of dry , so when blowing hair to grasp the sense of proportion .

3、GHD hair straighteners do with curly hair, straight hair plate first open , straight hair plate heated to wait for some time . In this period, the hair is divided into upper and lower two regions , upper and lower areas for production according curls . This will not only strong sense of hierarchy, but it is easy to shape . If the hair after it, can also be considered divided into three layers .

4、Then stir up a bunch of hair , do not stir too much hair , a width of about 3 centimeters. If you want curly hair is curled inside , it will curl inward plywood ; If you think outside the curly hair volume for you, it will curl outwards plywood .

5、tilted backward look, angled about 10 degrees, but this varies personal habits , needs to be tilted a few degrees , so hot roll better effect . Then straight after the clamp onto the hair will slowly turn the half , and then along the direction of the hair perm comb , move slowly until the desired effect is apparent curls .

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