About the band:

The Southside Ensemble, our performing rock band, was originally formed in 1986 as a percussion ensemble, lead by a music therapist to teach rhythm fundamentals and encourage cohesion among participants. Later the group would evolve into accepting various instruments into the fold as more musical talent came to Southside, eventually including a rap element, and later singing. In 2008 the studio was dedicated to former band member Michael LoBuglio. By this time the band had organized into a full-fledged rock ensemble and had been writing their own original material, recording albums, and traveling to perform on a regular basis.

The band continues to grow along with the artists as they influence its direction. Along with their own original songs, they've performed hundreds of covers, showtunes, classic rock, and re-imagined versions of popular music. The Southside Ensemble represents the very best of what we accomplish at Southside Art Center, with high standards of excellence in professionalism and musical quality.